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New South Wales residents are being warned of a group of travelling conmen making their way across the state to pull off an illusive scam. 

Authorities have confirmed fraudsters, who work as individuals or part of a larger group, have posed as tradespeople and already misled at least four homeowners.

The scammers have tricked customers into believing they are licensed before demanding money up front and disappearing into thin air – often leaving their work unfinished or in poor condition.  

“These scammers are deceptively convincing. They’re far better actors than they are tradies,” NSW Fair Trading Commissioner Natasha Mann said in a statement.  

“It can be difficult to tell if they’re legitimate but if the deal seems too good to be true it probably is. 

“These scammers are active in NSW right now.

“They don’t discriminate and will travel from our biggest cities to our smallest communities to find victims.”

The conmen find their victims through letterbox drops, door knocking and online advertisements which use information often fake or stolen. 

One victim found a pamphlet advertisement in their mailbox and paid $5200 for their roof to be cleaned, sealed and painted.

They, however, were left to discover water had seeped inside their home when it rained only two weeks later. 

“The scammer had disappeared and was uncontactable,” NSW Fair Trading said in the same statement. 

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