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Makeup embodies creativity and escapism, but it would be remiss not to acknowledge that the industry’s primary aim is to make money. In fact, it’s no secret that beauty conglomerates often use our insecurities to their advantage in a bid to sell us things that we don’t necessarily need. 

Of course, most makeup products are subjective, and one person’s hard pass could be another’s treasure. Take red lipstick, for example. Its ability to command a room and boost confidence is not to be sniffed at. But as beauty trends evolve and new brands emerge, a handful of questionable makeup products seem to be flooding the market. What exactly is the purpose of a mascara comb? And is lip primer just a souped-up lip balm


Sometimes we’re just as confused as you are. Ahead, we asked a handful of makeup artists to divulge the viral makeup products that you might want to reconsider, and their answers might surprise you. 

Color-adapting sunscreen and moisturizer

TikTok is awash with reviews for color-changing sunscreen, and even dermatologists are on board. The idea is that the “universal” pigment adjusts to your skin tone once you blend it in, providing protection against damaging UV rays and lending lightweight coverage to boot. On camera, the results are impressive, but don’t be swayed into thinking it’ll always work IRL. “Color-adapting sunscreen and moisturizers often result in mismatched tones or an ashy appearance,” says Saffron Hughes, makeup artist at This is particularly true for those with darker skin. “Instead, you’re best sticking to products that are specifically formulated for your own skin tone,” says Hughes, “which will ensure a more reliable outcome.” 

What’s more, dermatologists believe that tinted sunscreen, or makeup with SPF, provides less protection compared to a dedicated high-factor, broad-spectrum sunscreen. This is because most people won’t apply the correct amount (two finger-lengths worth — one down your index and another down your middle finger) to shield their skin against UV. Instead, consider applying sunscreen as usual, and if you want coverage, a featherweight skin tint on top, like e.l.f. Halo Glow Liquid FilterFenty Beauty Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Foundation, or U Beauty The Super Tinted Hydrator.

Makeup artist Scarlett Burton puts CC creams (color-correcting creams), especially the viral green-tinted versions, in the same category. They are intended to reduce redness in the skin but Burton says that she has never seen one done well. “When it comes to color theory, using green to counteract redness is great in pinpointed areas, but I’ve seen people use a green CC cream all over the face when it isn’t necessary, and they always look a bit grey and washed out.” 

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