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Scammers aim to deceive people of all backgrounds. Scammers employ deceptive strategies, unexpected approaches, and cunning methods to attain their desired outcome, whether it be extracting your finances or acquiring your private information. Scammers can deceive even the most intelligent individuals.

However, there are actions you can take to effectively identify and prevent a phone scam.

Submit scam reports to Scamwatch.
If you suspect that you have been a victim of a scam, promptly inform both your bank and phone provider.

This webpage contains information about various topics.
Identifying fraudulent activities
Ways to safeguard yourself against fraudulent phone schemes
Educational materials for preventing phone scams
Additional details and sources for assistance can be found elsewhere.

Scammers possess high levels of sophistication, posing a challenge in identifying their fraudulent activities. They have the potential to:

They alter their phone number to give the impression that they are making a local call.

Falsely present yourself as a trusted organization and request your personal information via a phone call or text message.

To appear authentic, incorporate genuine text messages while also including company logos.

Ways to identify a fraudulent scheme

It is important to exercise caution when receiving calls or texts from unfamiliar individuals.
Artificial phone numbers and fabricated messages

Scammers possess high levels of sophistication, making it challenging to detect their deceptive schemes. They have the potential to do so.

To appear as if they are calling from a nearby area, individuals conceal their phone numbers.

Act as if you are representing a trustworthy organization and request personal information from you through a phone call or text message.

To create an authentic appearance, incorporate genuine text messages and employ company logos.

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