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A mother-of-three was left devastated after losing $32,000 to a scam that a Westpac staffer said looked ‘all above board’ when she raised concerns with them.

Perth mother Denise, who wished to not use her real name, had received a call from a no caller ID on Monday. 

She was told a fraudulent transaction had been made in New Zealand on her husband’s account. 

The family then received another call and were bombarded with texts containing verification codes from a number claiming to be Westpac.

The father provided the codes to the person on the other end of the call, believing they were legitimate.

To the family’s horror, 22 cash transactions were then made in the UK, totalling $32,000.

Making matters worse, the mother had called Westpac while her husband was on the phone to the scammer to check they were in the clear.

‘The woman I spoke to said, ”I can see your accounts have been frozen, so yes, it all looks above board”,’ she told Nine News.

The mother said the scammer had her husband’s date of birth and other details to ‘gain his trust’.

‘I explained to the kids that your money is safer in a bank than in a piggy bank at home. Every cent of that is now gone,’ she said.

When they realised it had all been a scam, the family say they were told by Westpac the bank would need 45 days to investigate.

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