PayID is meant to protect you from scammers. Here’s how they’re using it to make money.

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  • PayID is promoted as a way to avoid scams when making payments, but criminals are targeting its users to steal from people selling items online
  • Experts say scammers are exploiting a lack of awareness of PayID and how it works
  • PayID can be safe and easy to use and there are easy-to-spot signs to help you identify and avoid a PayID scam

It’s been hailed as a way to keep us safe from scams, but PayID has now become a weapon in criminal attempts to fleece Australians of their hard-earned money.

Experts say scammers are exploiting a lack of awareness of this payment system in order to rip Australians off.

Here, we’ll explain what PayID is, how and why it’s being hijacked by scammers, and how you can use it safely.

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