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Younger generations may shake their heads in disbelief that their parents and grandparents have fallen for a cyber scam. But maybe those younger people can learn a thing or two about cybercrime from their elders.

Millennials, Generation X, Generation Z, and even post-millennials (those born after 2000) are more susceptible to scams than their predecessors. In some cases, more than twice as likely to get swindled by cyber scammers.

It’s true, according to both the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau. In multiple studies and based on reported crimes, Millennials and Gen Z get scammed way more than their grandparents.

Different scams work better with different age demographics. Baby boomers and older are more likely to fall for financial and computer scams. These are generally over the phone by callers who say there’s something wrong with their computer and demand you give them remote access to fix it. Instead, the scammer installs malware or ransomware or steals personal information. Seniors are also more likely to send scammers money using gift cards. Boomers may lose the most money, but they don’t get scammed as often as their kids.

People in their 20s and 30s are more than twice as likely to be swindled according to multiple surveys. Millennials are most likely to fall for shopping scams, employment scams, romance scams, and maybe most surprisingly, scams where the caller pretends to be someone from the government.

I’ve personally heard from a surprisingly large number of 20-somethings who’ve fallen hook-line-and-sinker for the elaborate scam where the caller says their social security number was used to rent a car that was later involved in a crime. Millennials are more likely to give the scammer their social security number, address, and full name.

The scammer can steal their identity and take out a credit card in their name. This scam starts with a phone call. The person on the other end of the line claims they’re a law enforcement officer (often from Texas). They explain someone rented a car using your credit card number, name, and social security number and say you must handle this right away or they’ll send someone to arrest you. I’ve taken one of these phone calls to see where the scam leads. The first person on the other end of the call gives their name and badge number and asks you to write it down.

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