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Welcome and thanks for visiting our community website.

The sole purpose of this website is to make people MORE aware of scams and PC Security risks in general.

Some history is needed. My name is Lee, I am a mere male in my mid seventies and have been retired for over 20 years after I was forced to retire due to poor health. I have a keen interest in helping people and spent 14 years as a volunteer for Brisbane Seniors Online (BSOL) as a computer tutor and mentor.

At the end of the fourteen years COVID-19 hit and my computer classes came to an abrupt end and to this day have not recommenced. The lack of many people not getting vaccinated was a call for me to try and improve this by building a website aimed solely at boosting vax numbers.

After the highs of COVID and now its on the back burner so to speak I can see another need for a similar themed site to tackle the hoard of Scams amongst us.

There seems to be an acute lack of dedicated sites on this topic that supply any sort of scam lists. The only ones I could find was on some major news sites. I have shared some of their news items for some of the posts on this site. You will find at the foot of every article is a direct link back to the original source. This is only fair that they get some benefits from my backlinks. It benefits this site and the source, the only ones that miss out are the Scammers.

ALL content on this free site goes to help the Global and Local Communities fight these Scum Bags. And remember most scams and scammers reside overseas and may well be running a scam you have never heard of and therefore never seen before. You need to be ever so vigilant. They often change their scams and targets often. Bookmark this site and check here often for updates.

If you have any queries or questions, new scams etc please feel free to use our Contact Us Page Here.

Take Care Now and Have a Great Day Folks, Regards Lee aka The Cyber Informer.

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All content on this Free site goes to help Global and Local Communities as well as the General Public fight these Scum Bags. Check often as new scams are posted Daily. See also our About Us page Above. If you can manage it a one-off small Donation (just $2 Max) towards our Hosting Fees Would be Most Appreciated. Thank You for Visiting and we hope our information was useful to you

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